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Tile is an attractive, timeless element used in bathrooms, kitchens, around fireplaces and other areas in a home or office. The material helps keep your house cool during summer months, plus it is pretty easy to clean when it gets dirty and grimy.

With unique, sophisticated and simple designs, style choices for tile are plenty. Certainly tile is a durable option for flooring and backsplashes, but it can still be damaged, especially as it ages.

If your tiles have cracking or scratches, do not get too upset. They can be repaired, and we can help. If you want to repair your cracked or chipped tile, it is best to call a professional.

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What is tile repair?

Tile repair is the process of repairing small cracks, chips and blemishes that can occur in ceramic, marble, glass, stone, and porcelain materials for flooring, Backsplashesbacksplashes, countertops, and other household areas.

Our team uses modern tools, equipment, and methods to ensure repairs are done right and deliver long-lasting results. The process of repairing tile is generally simple and fast because most often only a handful or fewer tiles are loose or damaged.

While minor tile repair can be taken on as a weekend do-it-yourself project in the bathroom or kitchen, it usually takes the steady hand of an advanced DIYer to do advanced projects.

Repair, replacement or new tile installation?

As someone who owns a home or business that has tile, it is best to understand your options. Our crew evaluates the state of tile and assists you in deciding on the best plan of action – no sleazy sales tactics involved.

In most cases, repair will do the trick. In other instances, replacement or new installation is necessary. We don’t push a new install or replace tiles unless it is totally needed.

How much does tile repair cost?

Rates for tile repair depend on the type of tile you have and the severity of damage. The more severe the damage, usually the higher price tag for repair.

Tiles can be repaired using new or recycled materials, including ceramic tile pieces, porcelain tiles and marble. Material costs vary.  The cost for repairing broken tile is roughly $50 to $100 per square foot.

That’s a wide range. We take the guesswork out of pricing by giving you free estimates that include all costs and upfront rates.

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